Jimmy Smith And Wes Montgomery


Jimmy Smith e Wes Montgomery


Clip - Jimmy Smith And Wes Montgomery - Mellow Mood

Clip - Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery - OGD (aka Road Song)


Clip - Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery - Further Adventures of Jimmy and Wes (full album)

Pubblicato il 06 dic 2014 da Spyes23.

Israel SANCHEZ-COLL 1 anno fa
Personnel: Jimmy Smith - Organo, Wes Montgomery - Guitarra, Ray Barretto - Percusión, Grady Tate -bateria, Tracks 5 and 7, add: Jimmy Maxwell, Joe Newman, Ernie Royal, Clark Terry - Trompetas, Jimmy Cleveland, Melba Liston - Trombones, Tony Studd - Bajo, Trombone Bob Ashton, Danny Bank, Jerry Dodgion, Jerome Richardson, Phil Woods - Woodwinds Richard Davis - Bajo, Oliver Nelson - Arreglos (Barretto Out).

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