Clip - Jimmy Smith at the organ The guitarist in this video is Nathen Page and the drummer is Charlie Crosby.

Clip - Jimmy Smith Quartet [ZDF Jazz Club - Leonberg, Germany - 1988]

Jimmy Smith - Organ Frank Wilson - Drums Herman Riley - Saxophones Terry Evans - Guitar.

Clip - 30 MINUTES of Jimmy Smith LIVE in '65!

Clip - Jimmy Smith - Midnight Special

Clip - Jimmy Smith Quartet - The Cat

Clip - Jimmy Smith - St Thomas (Live 1992)

Pubblicato il 12 set 2008 Tokyo TV Gig. Herman Riley - tenor sax; Carl Lockett - guitar (anyone got any info in this guy?); James Levi - drums.

Clip - Jimmy Smith w Kenny Burrell - Got my Mojo Workin' - 1993

Clip - Jimmy Smith w. Kenny Burrell - Organ Grinder's Swing - 1993

Pubblicato il 18 giu 2008 Live, Vienne, France, 1993. Jimmy Smith - Hammond, Kenny Burrell - guitar, Herman Riley - tenor, Grady Tate - drums.


Clip - Jimmy Smith with Phil Upchurch- Back at the Chicken Shack

Pubblicato il 27 ago 2008, 1990 Levekussen JazzFest, with Herman Riley on tenor, and Jimmy Jackson drums. They don't make them like this any more!


Clip - Jimmy Smith - I'll Drink To That (feat. George Benson)

Pubblicato il 07 set 2010. Grady Tate - drums, George Benson - guitar, Jimmy Smith - organ, Ron Carter - bass, Stanley Turrentine - tenor sax.

Clip - Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery - OGD (aka Road Song)

Clip - JIMMY SMITH, Back At The Chicken Shack (Smith)

Pubblicato il 07 mag 2010. Opening title track from Jimmy's "Back At The Chicken Shack" album. Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on April 25, 1960. Jimmy Smith (organ); Kenny Burrell (guitar); Stanley Turrentine (tenor saxophone); Donald Bailey (drums).

Clip - Jimmy Smith - Honky Tonk

Pubblicato il 31 mag 2008.

Mick Martin2 anni fa This is definitely the great Herman Riley on sax. He was Jimmy's horn player of choice for the last two decades of his life. They were like brothers, and Herman passed not long after Jimmy did. Herman was one of the humblest, kindest men I've ever known. Terry Evans, also featured here, was the only guitarist Jimmy trusted with the iconic Billy Butler guitar phrasing. This band recorded the song as a tribute to Bill Doggett on the CD "Prime Time" not long after the R&B organist's death.

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