Pyramids of northern Italy: the civilization of Leponti

Pyramids of northern Italy: the civilization of Leponti

6 August 2009
Posted By Lorella Binaghi
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VARESE, 5 August 2009 - Here's how to change the cultural identity of a people, it tempted by secret agreements between financial groups and auditors of Northern Italy and Switzerland of the South.

Here is a remedy.


Pyramids of northern Italy: the civilization of Leponti

Dears Rumor Mill News staff and readers in the district of Varese City in norther Italy, and the nearby Canton of Ticino in Lugano (CH, Switzerland), a small group of persons responsible for serious fraud, they appoint now, our people (the Swiss and Italian) how: "Insubres peoples", "Insubria land".

But have never been those people names an land in the archives of local historical Locarno, Lugano, Varese, Novara, Como and Lecco! (...).

The real peoples that exist in the region of Varese and Lugano are the LEPONTI (the bridges = i ponti), a name which derives from "Lepontine Alps" and from the lakes in those places that were and are a real bridge between the massive mountain. Our common name is engraved along with that of all the peoples of Alps, in the Mausoleum of Augustus at La Turbie, between Italy and France, at maritime border.

Three great pyramids near Lecco, in Montevecchia town (Passo del Curone, Lecco), between the Lepontine and Orobics Alps, 40 chilometer away Lugano, Varese, Milano airport:

Ziggurath of Montevecchia, (Lecco), norther Italy.
Ziggurath of Montevecchia, (Lecco), norther Italy.

Pyramids of Montevecchia (Lecco), nord Italy, away 48 km from Varese.
Pyramids of Montevecchia (Lecco), nord Italy, away 48 km from Varese.

"In early 2003, the pyramids of Montevecchia ("Old Mountain" in English), only about 30 miles from the Italian city of Milan, were discovered with the use of satellite and aerial imagery. These pyramids are completely covered by earth and vegetation and now appear to be natural hills, but the possibility of something more" ...

Montevecchia town, is 80 km away from the Stone Park in Valcamonica.
Petroglyphs of Val Camonica, Stone Park at Naquane, (BS).

Lithic Park in Val Camonica.

The commentary to the images in the movie, I do not not agree astonishing in the light of storage, in practice, images and tables with signs astronomical left by ancient scientists in a valley between communicating peoples, Valcamonica. Many historical periods with different signs and glyphs are superimposed on the rocks of the park Naquane (BS) and in the entire Alpine Arc pan-national. Lorella Binaghi.

(Il commento alle immagini nel filmato, non è condiviso personalmente, alla luce di stupefacente archiviazione, in pratica, tavole e segni astronomici lasciati da scienziati antichi in una valle comunicante fra popoli, la Val Camonica. Molti periodi storici con differenti segni e glifi si sono sovrapposti sulle rocce del Parco a Naquane (BS) e in tutto l'Arco Alpino pan-nazionale. Lorella Binaghi). (...).

Show on the old Camuni (Commons), and their petroglyphs in Val Camonica at "Park of Naquane, Capodiponte" (BS).

Montevecchia (Lecco), nord Italia a 48 chilometer da Varese.
The last part of the Persian migration from East, continues through Italy across the Adriatic Sea.

The pyramids, second my opinion, come from the migration of Rama civilization in the past, on Eridanus Valley (Po River) and, some descendants of Rama, are the Leponti.

THE ZEUS LINE (through Balkan) and its PARALLEL (through Italy).
THE ZEUS LINE (through Balkan) and its PARALLEL (through Italy).

The telluric lines or Lay Lines (LB).

Old city of Rama, Susa Valley, near Torino (I).
Old city of Rama, Susa Valley, near Torino (I).


That I am one of Leponti in Varese city, there is no doubt! There are many more here ...

Lorella Binaghi

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Aggiornamenti: anziché "insubria": LEPONTIA

Abbiamo già informato più possibili redazioni internazionali sul nome reale dei cittadini varesini e luganesi: I LEPONTII, LEPONTI, LEPONTIDI, LEPONTINI, LEPONZI, e sull'inesistenza di "insubria" e "insubri", volevamo avvertirvi per tempo.

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